Enterprise Value Integration (EVI)

  • 21 Jun 2017
  • 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • The Judge Group, Wayne, PA
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As a Business Analyst, you can learn how to make a significant contribution to your organizations’ value creating initiatives with Enterprise Value Integration (EVI). It is helpful to understand the basics of business process redesign before delving into EVI. Business processes provide the foundation for many web services, service-oriented architecture, and microservices. If you know how to redesign processes and services, you will be able to take advantage of two noteworthy breakthroughs presented by Stephen Turner and his associates.

The first breakthrough is the idea that inputs and outputs of each business process can be measured through cost accounting designed for modern computing systems. This removes abstractions and inaccuracies from financial reporting. It also opens the door for a vast amount of additional profitability by identifying specific processes that are wasteful.

The second breakthrough is in the area of optimization. You will see how EVI challenges the conventional wisdom of the last four decades – revolving around the preeminence of Shareholder Value. EVI optimizes to two variables – investors as well as customers.

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Stephen Turner runs a cloud computing consulting firm and incubator in San Francisco, and has a master’s degree in information systems  management. With colleagues who have collaborated on Enterprise Value Integration (EVI), he will show how business architecture can be advanced to create significantly more value. Mr. Turner will connect the dots between microservices and business processes, and introduce experts in business process optimization and finance. 

Manohar Singh, Ph.D. is Professor of Finance at Pennsylvania State University, Abington College. His research focuses on corporate strategic management, finance, and marketing. He has collaborated with Ali Nejadmalayeri, Ph.D., CFA on several published research projects, and both have doctorates in finance.

Dr. N (as his students call him) is Jay and Fayenelle Helm Professor in Business at Oklahoma State University, where he is also the finance Ph.D. director. He has been published in major finance and economics journals, including the Journal of Business, the Review of Finance, the Journal of Corporate Finance, and the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. Dr. N ran simulations using EVI methodologies and will discuss what the results mean to your organization.

In addition, Lisa Janke runs a financial consulting firm in New York, and has a bachelor’s degree in accounting. She has over twenty years’ experience within the finance and accounting functions working along major enterprises on finance transformation. Lisa authored an article on global process optimization while a performance improvement manager at Ernst & Young.  She will describe her experiences at the intersections of BPM and accounting. Lisa will also share how business analysts can apply these lessons to create value.


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